Staff (Lucka Hirai Plevova)

Dog Trainer(K’s Dog Training)
K9 Freestyle Player / Disc Dog Player / Sled Dog Musher

At the age of 12 she began to learn dog dancing in Czech which is famous for dog dancing. She made remarkable progress and started to get good results in Europe where there are so many strong and experienced players.
Some years later she began disc dog and showed her potencial. She used her dog dancing skill in disc dog and made original creative routine. It was evaluated highly in the world and still now improving.
The combination with dog that she shows in both dog dance and disc dog proves her surpassing excellence as a dog trainer.

In her Clinic she most care about dog’s concentration and the right way to communicate with dog. It is available to all dog sports.
Lucka moved to Japan in 2013 and she has held seminars and clinics so many places in Japan from Hokkaido to Kyushu.

<Main Results of K9 Freestyle>

Title Master of dogdancing level 1
2018 Netherlands OEC European Championship Winner
2018 England Crufts Winner
2017 England Crufts Winner
2016 England Crufts Runner-up
2013 Czech Republic Holiday Dance freestyle to music Winner
2009 Czech Republic Champion division Dance with dog Winner
2009 Czech Republic Dance with Dog Winner
2008 Czech Republic Kolo-Kounice-Divize Winner
2007 Czech Republic Zbraslav u Brna Winner

<Main Results of Disc Dog>

2017 USDDN World Finals Runner-up
2014 DOGTOWN Cup Runner-up
2014 European Championship Winner
2012 USDDN World Finals  – Favorite Entertainer Team Award
2011 USDDN World Finals – 3rd best freestyle