Special Study in DTF

Wow!!! Here is a Big Chance to be an Outstanding Dog sports Player!
Special Study in Dogtown Factory for Foreign Students

Dogtown Factory offers you several courses for those who wish to learn dog sports.
Wanna be a good Disc dog player!
Wanna be a good K9 Freestyle Handler!
Wanna be a good Flyball player!
Yes! You can be!
We are all well-experienced world’s top dog sports players.
We will surely improve your dog sports and dog training skills.
Now come and learn!


☆Disc dog Course

How to improve your throwing skills.
How to make good communication with your dog.
How to create segments in freestyle routine.
How to create a whole freestyle routine.
No Aho training / Low-High method training / Transit making training etc.

K9 Freestyle Course

How to teach tricks to dogs.
How to make a K9 Freestyle routine.
How to step to music smoothly with a dog.
How to make a solid bond with dogs.
Luring training / Concentration training / Step training etc.

Flyball Course

How to let dogs turn quickly but also safely on the flyball box.
How to make dogs get and bring balls for sure.
How to make dogs run through jumps fast.
Box turn training / Recall training / Passing training etc.


World’s best trainers are here! Check it out!

Yachi Hirai    Mona Hirai
Shaun Hirai
   Kosuke Hirai
Lucka Prevova Hirai

【Period & Fees

You can choose the period from the following.
2weeks $3000 (includes board & lodging)
4weeks $5500 (includes board & lodging)

Bringing your dog with you
You can bring your dog with you with additioonal charge $1000
for supporting the paper work. 10 months preparation time is needed.

Please Feel free to contact us for more details.